Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid
Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid

Nupafeed® Magnesium For Horses | Daily Liquid

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Manage Anxiety • Decrease Nervousness • Control Erratic Behavior • Relieve Tense Muscles

Supplementing horses with magnesium to manage stress, erratic behavior, anxiety, and also to relax tight muscles is not a new concept. Nupafeed® Magnesium Calming Supplement has something else to offer that no other magnesium supplement on the market can. Nupafeed® Magnesium contains MAH® (magnesium - aspartate - hydrochloride).

This unique form of magnesium, MAH® is a refined source of magnesium offering exceptionally high absorption rates and increased bioavailability. This daily liquid is a great solution to help your horse manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Simply top dress on your horses feed by using our 30ml pump that easily attaches to our 5 and 3-liter bottles.


  • Magnesium - Aspartate - Hydrochloride (MAH®)
  • Water
  • Potassium Sorbate (preservative)

Are Nupafeed® Supplements legal to use in competition?

Yes. Nupafeed® Supplements do not contain any banned substances in accordance to FEI Rules. See FEI Clean Sport, USEF-Drugs & Medications or AQHA Guidelines.

Who makes the Nupafeed® range of supplements?

All Nupafeed® Supplements are made by the German pharmaceutical company, Verla-Pharm under strict laboratory conditions. Verla-Pharm is primarily concerned with producing pharmaceuticals for human medicine, their equine products benefit from their superior knowledge, research and quality of ingredients.

I have given my horse other supplements containing magnesium but did not seen any improvement. How is Nupafeed MAH® different?

Nupafeed MAH® has been especially developed to maximize the absorption of magnesium into body tissue and delivers significantly more magnesium into the tissue than other forms of magnesium. The MAH® magnesium used is of a pharmaceutical grade, which is far superior to the grade of magnesium used in most other magnesium based supplements. Nupafeed MAH® is also a liquid which helps to improve absorption.


This graph below demonstrates the absorption rates of different magnesium salts into animal’s intestinal tract, showing the efficiency of Magnesium Aspartate-Hydrochloride (MAH®). When other magnesium supplements plateau, MAH® is shown to continue absorbing.

Please note that magnesium oxide is not included because it is very poorly absorbed.


Why would my horse be magnesium deficient?

The easiest way is from their behavior. If they are muscle sore, spooky, have erratic behavior, or “stressy" typically those are signs of magnesium deficiency. A muscle biopsy can be done to determine if they are magnesium deficient but it is quite invasive procedure.

How do I know if my horse is magnesium deficient?

Magnesium is a difficult mineral for horses to absorb. The ground is depleted of magnesium and their grain contains a low form of magnesium that they are unable to absorb and utilize. Horses burn magnesium when they are stressed. It becomes a vicious cycle

Can my horse get diarrhea from too much magnesium?

Low grades of magnesium can act as a laxative and cause diarrhea. Due to the fact that they are poorly absorbed in the stomach it leaves a lot of magnesium entering the hind gut. The magnesium will then attract water into the hind gut causing dehydration which could lead to dehydration. Since Nupafeed Magnesium has a higher absorption rate a much smaller amount enters the hind gut.

Is the Nupafeed® Magnesium safe to give alongside other supplements and medications?


I’ve heard magnesium is ILLEGAL.

Only magnesium that is given intravenously is illegal. It isn't the magnesium it self that is illegal, it is the way it is given. Magnesium given intravenously too quickly may cause cardiac issues.

Are the results of oral magnesium different than results seen from intravenous magnesium?

It is all about absorption. People choose to inject magnesium because there is a lack of magnesium supplements on the market that horses can absorb and utilize. Since Nupafeed® Magnesium has such a high absorption you are able to get a more relaxed horse without the risks involved with intravenous magnesium.

I need my horse responsive and alert will the Nupafeed Magnesium cause him to be dull?

No. Nupafeed MAH® works purely by providing your horse with the magnesium that he needs in order to maintain the correct magnesium/calcium within his body. Having the correct balance helps prevent adrenaline rushes, muscle tension and spooky behavior. It contains no other compounds such as herbs or L-Tryptophan, which act as mild sedatives. Performance should improve as reduced tension allows the horse to listen to what is being asked of him.

How do I feed the MAH®?

Nupafeed MAH® Daily Liquid easily top dresses on the daily grain; it has no odor so most fussy feeders are happy to eat it. It must be put on the food just before feeding so that it does not have chance to soak into the feed. (If AM feed is set up the night before, simply add the Nupafeed Liquid just before feeding).

Nupafeed MAH® Concentrate Oral Paste are administered orally in the same way you would a wormer paste. For best results give 1 paste 3 hours before needed (1) 1.5 hours before needed. Earlier is better than later with these paste tubes. Horses require approx 1.5 hours to full absorb each paste tube.

Both Nupafeed MAH® Daily Liquid and Oral Paste can be used together.  

How long does the Nupafeed MAH® take to work?


Nupafeed MAH® Daily Liquid requires a 3-5 day loading dose. Results should be seen within this time frame.  If no significant change in behavior has been seen your horse may be suffering from ulcers in the stomach or hind gut. Nupafeed MAH® will adhere to the ulcers and not be fully absorbed. It is suggested to treat the stomach for ulcers then start your Nupafeed program again.



Nupafeed MAH® Paste gives a result that day. Administer (1) Oral Paste 3 hours before and (1) 1.5 hours before competition. Earlier is better than later with the Nupafeed MAH® Paste. Keep in mind that it takes approx. 1.5 hours to absorb each paste tube. The Nupafeed MAH® will not begin to burn off until the horse is under stress, so giving well ahead of time is better than too late. 



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