Enter how many milliters of NupafeedĀ® Magnesium you feed each day to see how many weeks you need to schedule your autoship.

I feed ml of NupafeedĀ® Magnesium a day

  (1) NupafeedĀ® Magnesium Daily Liquid - 3 Liter

   will last me 7 week(s) 1 day(s).

   I need to order every 6 week(s).

  (1) NupafeedĀ® Magnesium Daily Liquid - 5 Liter

   will last me 12 week(s) 0 day(s).

   I need to order every 11 week(s).

***If your horse is not on NupafeedĀ® Magnesium please bear in mind there is a 3-5 day loading dose with your first bottle. We advise ordering your first bottle and then setting up an auto ship account after you've established how much your horse will need each day.***