MAH is a natural magnesium supplement that has often shown itself to be an incredibly effective aid for horses that headshake.

Unfortunately our understanding of headshaking is vague, and it is probable that not all horses are doing it for the same reason, so we cannot say for definite why this is, but there are several ways in which MAH is likely to be benefiting these horses.

Many horses become frustrated and wound up as they headshake and they have trouble dealing with the irritation. Magnesium plays a huge role in stress management and the horses’ ability to cope with stress. A horse that is stressing all the time while headshaking will be burning off magnesium, if they are not receiving enough in their diet to compensate for this then they will be more reactive to stress, and become more wound up, more easily.

As part of the same control mechanism, low magnesium levels will also increase the inflammatory response and nerve sensitivity. Low levels of magnesium in the body tissue mean that nerve signals are triggered more easily and this is likely to be particularly relevant with horses that are sensitive to light.

MAH may be working on several levels, helping to manage the inflammatory response associated with an allergy, prevent hypersensitivity of the nerves and - probably most significantly - by preventing that negative spiral of stress that causes them to become more and more wound up and irritated.  


Feeding Advice for Headshaking

If you would like to give Nupafeed MAH a try we would recommended that you start with the loading dose as normal and see how you get on, once you have seen an improvement you can cut back to find a daily level that suits. It is probably best to continue to give MAH twice daily, but you may wish to give more in the morning before riding. You can then vary the level according to the conditions. If your horse is not otherwise stressful you should be able to reduce the amount greatly during periods of dull or low pollen weather. Try and stay ahead of the conditions and only take your horse off MAH altogether if there is going to be a significant period of problem free conditions.