Shelby Brost

"Nupafeed® Magnesium is paramount supplement for success in any discipline and is a fundamental aspect of my training and competition process. My horses have never been so ride able, relaxed and "in the game" before. The results are not only unlike any other,  they are also remarkably consistent. Thank you Nupafeed®!!" 
- Shelby Brost

Nupafeed® is proud of our sponsored rider Shelby Brost for winning the 2 * Division at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North, at the Colorado Horse Park.  The 18 year old Shelby from Alberta Canada, and her 13 yr old Thoroughbred were the only competitors to end the event on their dressage score of 50.2 , winning the gold medal.  Shelby also anchored the silver medal winning Team from Ontario/Alberta with her teammates April Simmonds, Jamie Kellock, and Emma Green.