Kelly Prather

“I noticed a big difference when working horses on Nupafeed® Magnesium. There muscles are supple, especially their willingness to come over their backs. My horses will always compete on Nupafeed® Supplements, it gives them an extra edge mentally and physically because their muscles don’t fatigue.” 

- Kelly Prather

Kelly grew up in a family of horse people, she was showing horses at the age of three.  Kelly has competed at Rolex CCI4* and represented the United States in the World Cup Eventing Finals in Poland.

In 2012 Kelly went to England to work for William Fox-Pitt a name synonymous the top rider in Eventing.  Kelly was Fox-Pitt’s head rider for the 2012 season and was part of the Fox-Pitt team for the London Olympics.

Since meeting Kelly we have watched her bring along young horses, turn around some of the more difficult horses and turning them all into better competition horses.  Kelly has the rare ability to bring a horse up the levels all the way to 4*, and we at Nupafeed are proud to be a part of her program.