Kayla Wallace

"Since I have been feeding Nupafeed® Magnesium I have seen major changes in my horse. He is noticeably calmer, his coat is dark and rich in color, he has filled out more including his top line which was an area that had been hard to get to fill in. He is just overall in better health thanks to Nupafeed®!" 
 - Kayla Wallace 

Kayla Wallace has been riding horses since she was about 7 years old and barrel racing almost just as long. She has qualified for the National Barrel Horse Assoc Youth World Championships multiple times as a youth rider. Kayla says her current horse Jam has been a game changer for her, she has never "had quite the horsepower as she do now." Over the past few years Kayla and Jam have become quite a team. Together they were the NBHA district Fl 04 Open 1D champions, that same year began running in the Pro Rodeos and they filled their Women’s Professional Rodeo Assoc Permit and later placing at the Pro Rodeos.

Photo: Mike Rastelli