Kasey Perry-Glass

"I am a huge supported of Nupafeed® Supplements! It was a game changer for, not only, Dublet but all my horses. It keeps their muscles and mind relaxed without taking away any power or energy. Dressage is a tricky discipline because it requires the horse to have forward positive energy to achieve each movement. When the horse becomes tense or nervous, the horse has a bad experience and movement scores can be affected. Nupafeed® Magnesium aids in keeping everyday horse life and high stress environments positive.
- Kasey Perry-Glass
I have been riding since I was 5. Started competing in the sport of Dressage when I was 15. After graduating from college in 2012, I decided to take my passion and competitiveness to up a notch to compete professional. In 2016, I competed on the US Olympic Bronze medal team and on the 2018 WEG Silver medal team. In between those events I continued to represent my country on Nation Cups and World Cups all around the world.