Jaqui Cuddy


"I am so impressed with this product line. I now have a tool to remove 'Too much Tension' from my score sheet!" 

- Jaqui Cuddy  - Grand Prix Rider

Jacqui Cuddy was Born in Scotland, UK , but moved to England when she was 10 years old.Where her love for horses began. Jacqui always wanted to compete but never had the horses or resources. She presumed a Show Jumping career and would ride anything that was available, mainly unruly horses that no one wanted to ride.  Jacqui feel in love with Dressage around her mid 20's but was put off with the knowledge that it takes so long to become good at it!!! But Jacqui was hooked and realized that dressage is the foundation that every rider should have. Her ride was long , for decades she chased her dream,  only hoping that one day she would get into the Grand Prix arena. At age 50 life took a turn for Jacqui and she rode in her first Grand Prix  with Malcarat, a very tense but super PRE Gelding. Jacqui has just recently competed in her second season at the CDI level with other horses coming along. 

Emerald Oaks Farm