Team Nupafeed® USA Welcomes our newest sponsored rider/trainer Mike Kirkton



Mike is a Saddlebred trainer from Gridley,  IL.  He is the owner and CEO of Top View Farm.  He also manages the Horse Show Manager at the IL State Fair, sits on the board of the IL Horse and Pony Breeders and Exhibitors Association and is a horse show judge.  Mike took over the family business of Top View Farm that was started by his grandfather in the 1930’s when he and his wife retired from the U.S. Army in 2005.   We couldn’t be happier sponsoring a family that has given their time to both the horse industry and to our country as the Kirktons have!

"Outstanding product, use the liquid magnesium on all out show horses. Multiple benefits from post workout recovery, too maintaining focus during training."  Mike Kirton   Trainer / Horse Show Judge