A Fantastic Week for Team Nupafeed® at Rebecca Farms

The Event at Rebecca Farms in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful venues in the world for a three day event, but add the Young Riders Championships and it is even more special.

Nupafeed® is always excited to sponsor young riders but even more exciting when the Area V young riders win the CCIJ1*. They are a great group of riders to sponsor. McKinsey Wickman and Dassett Wp won the Individual Gold, and Georgia Dillard and Galileo GP the Individual Bronze, teammate Georgia Phillips and Menue Rendevous added to the 3 clear rounds of show jumping to cement the win for the Area V young riders that were coached by Will Faudree.

As if having the young rider championships was not enough to do Rebecca Farms still has the event the usually have in July, Nupafeed Team Riders were successful there too. Frankie Thieriot-Stutes and Chatwin winning the CCI 3*. Tamra Smith and Fleeceworks Royal winning , Hawley Bennett-Awad and Jollybo placing 4th, and Bobby Meyerhoff and Rascal Rap placing 6th in the CIC3*. Bobby Meyerhoff and Fortuna were 4th in the CIC3*.


It is worth noting that Tamra Smith and Heather Morris’s Next Level Eventing won five different divisions at Rebecca Farm, showing that teamwork can be amazing. Next Level Eventing won the CCI 3*, CIC3*, CCI2*, CCI1*, and the Training Level Three Day. WOW!