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All animals need to have the correct balance of calcium and magnesium. When a horse is high strung or  becomes stressed, anxious, nervous or excited, they burn off magnesium. This allows calcium to overload muscle and nerve cells and replicates the rise of adrenaline. This can cause, erratic behavior, aggressiveness and/or tightening of muscles. Therefore ideal for those in all disciplines of competition, those on stall rest, returning to work, foal/youngster preparation for the sales, pregnant/lactating mares.

Nupafeed® Magnesium Supplement for Horses uses a water soluble, complex, pure, amino magnesium which is able to enter the horses' system very efficiently and absorb into tissue. Our Liquid maintains the healthy balance of calcium and magnesium to keep the horse on an even keel, but without compromising performance. 

The Nupafeed®  Magnesium Supplement can be introduced to the horses’ diet by directly adding to the normal feeding regime. As the compound is totally safe, it allows the level to be adjusted, enabling owners to find a level that suits each individual animal.