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Travel Bottle

Travel Bottle

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Take what you need on the road and avoid the potential mess of traveling with your Nupafeed® 3 liter or 5 liter bottle with our NEW travel bottle that measures and pours using one container. Our new travel bottle requires a simple squeeze to get just the right amount of liquid into the filling dispenser chamber. Now you're ready to pour. Quick. Simple. Easy. 

 **This bottle does not contain any Nupafeed® Supplements. Fill from your existing 3 or 5 liter bottle.**

Are Nupafeed® Supplements legal to use in competition?

Yes. Nupafeed® Supplements do not contain any banned substances in accordance to FEI Rules. See FEI Clean Sport, USEF-Drugs & Medications or AQHA Guidelines.

Who makes the Nupafeed® range of supplements?

All Nupafeed® Supplements are made by the German pharmaceutical company, Verla-Pharm under strict laboratory conditions. Verla-Pharm is primarily concerned with producing pharmaceuticals for human medicine, their equine products benefit from their superior knowledge, research and quality of ingredients. 

What is the shelf life for Nupafeed® Supplements?

Nupafeed® Supplements have a 2.5 year shelf life.