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Nupafeed USA's L-Carnitine Equine Supplement recommended when a horses' natural system for producing L-Carnitine may not be able to deal with the increased demand under strenuous circumstances  . This can lead to horse fatigue as a result of low levels  of L-Carnitine   and adversely effect performance.

Equine Supplement L-Carnitine has been proven to  positively  affect  Lactic Acid turnover, which helps horses  likely to  have to increased muscle enzyme build up. In breeding stallions L-Carnitine  improves sperm motility and maturation.

This strength building supplement for horses  is 100%  legal and FEI approved.  Nupafeed L-Carnitine Supplement for Horses used  daily for improvements in : acceleration, sperm mobility, stamina , recovery time, muscle building , equine performance, equine strength building .